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Night or Day, Up or Down. Look at those Trains go!

Take a tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2.7 kms, breeze through a day in 17 minutes. Spot glorious sights and the magic of everyday, experience high-tech and nostalgia, the sun and the moon, thunder and lightning – everything that life has to offer in this outstanding model railway display.

190 model trains of the Deutsche Bahn, ÖBB and SBB operate in their respective region. From Semmering to the Swiss Gotthard mountain, Friedrichshafen in Germany and Austrian town Bregenz, they navigate 5 vertical meters, pass numerous famous buildings and countless scenes from everyday life, from spectacular to hidden. 30 HD projectors turn night into day and vice versa – 24 hours in 17 exciting minutes.

ICE: High-tech on Speed

The ICE train – epitome of high-speed traffic in Germany – is now in its 4th generation. Together with its predecessors, the ICE makes its tracks at the Traumwerk: classic old-style electric locomotives, standard series E10, E40, E41 and E50, diesel locomotives from V60 to V200 and classic steam locomotives such as 01, 23, 41, 44 and 50 series. Traxx series in electric and diesel versions are also on display.


Taurus: Strength made in Austria

Whether Railjet or long container trains: the Taurus locomotive family always kept Austria in motion. Meet the power horse at the Traumwerk railway exhibition. In addition to the Rh1016 / 1116 in various paintings, the Rh1041, Rh1012 or Rh1043, as well as the German electric locomotives 1018, 1020 and steam locomotives 659, 650 and 694 are on the tracks. In addition, a diesel locomotive is represented with the Herkules.


Croc on Tracks

Arguably every railroad fan knows the Crocodile. The Swiss classic among the mountain locomotives is already 100 years old and at home on all gauges. In the Swiss section of the model railway system, you will also encounter RAm and RAe Tee’s and the typical Re 4/4 and Re 6/6 models, as well as the modern Lok 2000 as 460.


• about 60 train sets
• 850 m track, 160 track switches and 78 signals
• 3 parts of the installation: Lake Constance with Friedrichshafen (GER) and Bregenz (AT), Freilassing (GER)
• 6 shadow stations with a total of 38 shadow rail tracks of 3 to 4 m length
• 5 track helices (1-, 3- and 5-fold helix)
• 2 DC-Car routes with 30 vehicles

• about 80 train sets
• 1200 m track, 195 track switches and 55 signals
• 4 parts of the installation: Tauern, Semmering, Arlberg and a new line
• 13 shadow stations with a total of 78 shadow railway tracks, each 3-4 m long
• 6 track helices (1-, 3-, 6- and 12-fold helix)
• 2 DC-Car routes with 30 vehicles

• approx. 50 train sets
• 950 m track, 185 track switches and 34 signals
• 3 parts of the installation: Gotthard North, Gotthard South and a high-speed tunnel route
• 7 shadow stations with a total of 40 shadow railway tracks of 4 m in length
• 6 track helices (2-, 4-, 6- and 8-fold helix)
• Difference in height from -30 cm (under floor) to 2.40 m
• 2 DC-Car routes with 30 vehicles

Better than Reality

190 trains, more than 8,000 figurines and more than 80,000 trees. Still, the model railway exhibition at the Traumwerk is so much more than the sum of its parts. Magic lies in the many details, which can be explored further with every visit. And behind the scenes is where the real excitement starts …

Imagination Knows No Limits

Travel from the Swiss Gotthard mountain via Bregenz, Austria, to Friedrichshafen in Germany; from Semmering to the Tauern Mountains and on to the Arlberg in the West. Or just discover newly invented high-speed rail routes. Fast trains and visitors switch between Germany and Switzerland and Austria. Flit from reality to fantasy – and back again.

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Sun, Moon, Trains

In just 17 minutes, a whole day passes in our model railway system. Literally. From sunrise to deep into the night everything is in motion, on the tracks, but also on the roads, and everywhere in between. No matter the weather. Some say it’s quite unpredictable at the Traumwerk … thanks to our 30 HD projectors.


A team of six technicians and model builders ensure everything runs smoothly on 2,700 linear meters and 340 square meters of model railway bliss. Train schedules are created and revised in the control center, all processes are coordinated by TrainController software and monitored at all times with a keen eye.

Play it Again, Night Train

Catchy, atmospheric and bound to stay with you long after you left: Night Train is the soundtrack to the model railway at the Traumwerk. Have a listen, and then find yourself nodding along.

Already discovered?


Regardless of whether you are in the Traumwerk for the first time or visit us again and again: We are quite sure that you will find a new detail in our model railway plant every time you visit us.

We are now collecting our discoveries for you in our “Already discovered?” Section! It is worth checking in regularly.

Details in the Model Railway

The model railway by the numbers

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Discover the Traumwerk

Family trip destination, toy museum, a piece of art. The Traumwerk is all of this and more. Step in and explore.