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Space Toys

From Oct., 6th.




Space Toys

From Oct., 6th



A small world,­ a whole cosmos,­ a big show


Family trip destination, toy museum, a piece of art.

The Traumwerk is all of this and more. Step in and explore.

Tin toys, model trains, sports cars. A lifelong passion for Hans-Peter Porsche. His dream: don’t just keep it, but pass it on – make his private collection available to everyone who shares his enthusiasm. In Anger in the Berchtesgadener Land, near the city of Salzburg, it came true.





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FAMAG Garage

Toys move: Our curator gives exciting insights. You can always look forward to new highlights from Traumwerk. In detail and exclusively for you.
This time: The FAMAG Auto Box is a “tailor-made suit” to protect the Volkswagen Type 1 (known as the VW Beetle) from wind, weather and unauthorized access.
Instead of expensive color brochures, small models were built with which representatives were sent out on the street to make the Carbox attractive to customers. Not least because of the high price, the success fell short of expectations, which is precisely why the bespoke suit for the Beetle is a sought-after collector’s item today. (only in German)p>

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What would the Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk be without Traumwerk cars? That is why we introduce you to a new Traumwerk dream car every month.
You will find the original as a special highlight in our Achter .
And for everyone who just can’t make it into our exhibition, we have placed a little insight into the vehicles on our website.

This time: The Porsche 356 Speedster Cabrio – for more than six decades committed to driving pleasure!
Even Hollywood icon and amateur racing driver James Dean couldn’t resist this purist model when it became a hit in the sunny coastal states.

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Barn find

The Porsche 356C Coupé: You can find our barn find, the Porsche 356C Coupé, as Original car in our Exhibiton “Achter”, also in our Model Railway Plat, the Porsche 365C is hidden in its barn. From now on it is now also available as a model car set in our online shop, lovingly handcrafted to make it look “shabby”.

The 356C is the last development stage of the Porsche 356. With four-disc brake system, a 130 mm bolt circle and flatter hubcaps. The 60 HP engine, has been changed into a 75 HP engine and is focused on higher pulling power and durability. The interior dashboard is one of its kind. (German Version only)

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New in the Shop

We have come up with something very special for the third edition of our exclusive model car sets. The Porsche 356C Coupé, as a barn find, a popular part of our exhibition, should be presented as an original, new Porsche and as an original barn find.

Since it was not possible to produce a model car that “shabby”, each model was handcrafted by our restorer. Thus each set is unique!

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Family trip destination, toy museum, a piece of art. The Traumwerk is all of this and more. Step in and explore.


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