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A small world,­ a whole cosmos,­ a big show


Family trip destination, toy museum, a piece of art.

The Traumwerk is all of this and more. Step in and explore.

Tin toys, model trains, sports cars. A lifelong passion for Hans-Peter Porsche. His dream: not just to keep it, but to pass it on – to make his private collection available to everyone who shares his enthusiasm. It came true in Anger in the Berchtesgadener Land, near the city of Salzburg.





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Drone Flight in our Modellrailway

Fly with us!

A drone flight through the model railway world in the Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk shows the model railway system from a completely new perspective.

To be honest: The Traumwerk- At first, technicians were not comfortable with the idea that rapid flight maneuvers take place in the fragile miniature world of all places. Sometimes months of work were at stake …

But everything went well and the result is fascinating.

Enjoy our model railroad from a bird’s eye view. We wish you a nice sightseeing flight.

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Modelcar 356C Coupé

As a set with barn find

It is always worth taking a look at our online shop, but at the moment we have a special model car set for you!

Our set consists of 2 models. A Porsche 356C Coupé model car and a Porsche 356C Coupé model car Barn find true to the original barn find as it can be seen in the exhibition of the Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk.

By the way: After it was not possible to produce a model car that “shabby”, each model was handcrafted by our restorer. Thus each set is unique!

>> To the model car set

Roehrls' Cars

Special show at Wechselwerk

Walter Roehrl and Porsche – that is a passionate relationship that will be honored in the new special show at the Hans Peter Porsche Traumwerk: Look forward to unique original vehicles the racing legend and over 60 detailed replicas of Roehrl’s cars.

The special show at the Wechselwerk can be visited until the end of August 2021 with the Traumwerk entrance ticket.

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Fascinating Insights

Our model railway moves!

This time our model railway team has its say and gives exciting insights into our model railway world.

We are ourselves you are certain that there will be some new information for you and that you may even see our model railroad with completely different eyes the next time you visit!

Because: Even if there is a “standstill” all around, in the Traumwerk model railroad something is moving.

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Whether it is exciting gasoline talks, exclusive special exhibitions, culinary gourmet evenings or jazz breakfast.

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Discover the Traumwerk

Family trip destination, toy museum, a piece of art. The Traumwerk is all of this and more. Step in and explore.

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