A Passion turning into a Dream, and a Legacy.

Porsche is not just a name but a legacy. In his Traumwerk, Hans-Peter Porsche continues the family tradition of innovation and quality, of entrepreneurship and vision, in his own personal way. A fascinating microcosm that he shares here with enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world.

Hans-Peter Porsche’s love of collecting has been part of his life since childhood. First came the teddies, then bear ties. After his son Peter Daniel was born in the late 1970s, he discovered the world of model railroads – and finally a fascination with tin toys. His vision of sharing his extraordinary treasures with the world became reality at the Traumwerk in Anger, Southern Bavaria; close to Salzburg. Exhibitions, a restaurant and a whole world to experience – Hans-Peter Porsche has curated, selected, and helped shape a modern framework for timeless emotions, a new interpretation of a long family tradition.

One Passion across Two Generations

Ferdinand Porsche, Hans-Peter Porsche’s grandfather, shaped automotive history like no other. Both engineer and visionary, he invented the electric hub motor, engineered aircraft engines, built the first two-seater sports car – and finally the first prototype of the Beetle in 1934.

Ferry Porsche, Hans-Peter Porsche’s father, always participated in this lifelong dream, before finally fulfilling his own: with the 356er – the first sports car with the name Porsche, based on the Beetle created in 1948. An icon was born.

Creative Genes: The Porsche Family

Hans-Peter Porsche was born in 1940 as one of four brothers. As designers, managers and entrepreneurs, all of them were dedicated to the continuation, enrichment and development of their father’s life work. With his Traumwerk, Hans Peter Porsche has left his own mark on the creative legacy of his family.

Encounter with an Icon

No Porsche without a sports car. This also applies to Hans-Peter Porsche and his Traumwerk.

Of course, Hans-Peter Porsche’s passion also extends to the family-owned sports car. Some highlights of his collection: an Austro Daimler from 1922, designed by Ferry Ferdinand, a Porsche 356 developed by Ferry, a Porsche 911 designed by Brother Ferdinand Alexander, but also the Porsche Spyder 550, made (in)famous by James Dean’s tragic accident in 1957.

Visitors can also meet Porsche sports cars without an exhibition ticket – either in the Traumwerk central area or in a larger (but occasionally inaccessible) presentation in the Wechselwerk event space. If they keep their eyes peeled, they might bump into Hans-Peter Porsche personally. An enthusiasm for Porsche just connects.

In the Company of Icons

Free admission to the Wechselwerk

Porsche 911

The future since 1963

Porsche 550 Spyder

Street or race track? (1955)

Porsche 356

The first production model by Porsche. (1948)