Selected pieces from our ACHTER

Our curator gives exciting insights into selected exhibits from our tin toy collection and reveals a lot of background information. Always new highlights from Traumwerk. Right down to the last detail and exclusively for you.

Petrol Station Standard

Blechspielzeug Tankstelle
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With increasing car traffic, more and more petrol stations were built. The large standard station from the Nuremberg manufacturer Doll is a very special system: the fuel pumps are functional and the oil cabinet could be equipped with small glass bottles. An expandable, but also not for everyone affordable toy.

The Paddle Steamer

Spielzeug bewegt- Raddampfer
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Paddle steamers shaped the steamship age until the middle of the 20th century. A powerful clockwork drives the two paddle wheels and lets the pretty model glide gently through the water. Today, however, such an antique would no longer be exposed to the wet element, because they are far too rare and valuable for that.


FAMAG Autobox für VW Käfer
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This egg of sheet metal is not a living container: the FAMAG Auto Box is a “tailor-made suit” to protect the Volkswagen Type 1, known worldwide as the “Beetle”, from wind, weather and unauthorized access. Instead of expensive color brochures, small models were built that were used to send representatives out onto the street to make the garage attractive to customers.


Man-da-rin vom Spielzeughersteller Ernst Paul Lehmann
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While the sedan chair had long been forgotten in the up-and-coming Europe of the early 20th century, the proper transport of important personalities in far-away China still played an important role. The toy manufacturer Ernst Paul Lehmann, as a keen observer, recognized a motif for an exotic toy.

Rowing Boat

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Rowing was a popular popular sport in the first decades of the 20th century. Countless regatta clubs have been founded.
This rowing boat from the Nuremberg Bing Werke inspires us today primarily with its technical finesse. The rower moves like the real rower and drives the boat quickly through the water.

Gordon Bennett Racing Car

Gordon Bennett Rennwagen
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Here it is: the milestone in international automobile racing history. The Guenthermann toy company recognized the importance of the first German Gordon Bennett race very quickly in 1904 and developed the distinctive, now much sought-after racing car as a toy in various sizes.

Maerklin Central Station

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The Maerklin Central Station from 1910. A real highlight at the time: With a telegraph connection, a covered waiting area outside, a waiting room inside the station, an imitation clock on the facade and a ticket office. The candles put the central station in the right light.

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