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In the Air, Over Water, Round and Round: Tin Toy Exhibition

Europe’s largest publicly accessible private collection of tin toys: Hans-Peter Porsche’s exhibition comprises about 2,100 exhibits from the years 1860 to 1930. Many of them are rarities, all fully functional. All in the Loop.

Of Eagles And Iron Horses

The Rocket locomotive celebrated a sensational victory in 1829’s race. Just six years later, the Dampfross Adler flew between Nuremberg and Fuerth, spearheading a new mobility. Rapidly growing track networks and increasingly modern locomotives inspired the toy manufacturers. Especially in Germany, model railways soon became one of the most popular toys of their time – available in various sizes, powered by clockworks, electricity or steam. In the Traumwerk they come alive again, the golden years of tin toy trains.

The Drive to Fly

Model airships have been offered by toy manufacturers since Otto Lilienthal’s flying machine in 1891. Most of them fully functional! Wherever aviation developed, soon the matching models appeared. Above all, the mighty Zeppelins were considered a technological highlight. Controlled by clockwork, Zeppelins still form an impressive anchor point in every tin toy collection.

Waves Of Joy

Ships and steamers were the hi-tech transporters of the 19th century. Thanks to the state-of-the-art Imperial Navy fleet, sailor suits became the children’s outfit of choice. Toy manufacturers responded with matching, prototypical ship models made of sheet metal. Later, large ocean liners brought wealthy passengers, emigrants and mail across the oceans faster than ever. Moving times – captured in Hans-Peter Porsche’s tin toy collection.

Tin Toys – The High-Tech Gadgets Of Their Time.

Of highest quality, varied, elaborately made – and much sought after in children’s play rooms. Driven by simple winding keys or even steam engines, the motorcycles and cars, the carousels, trams, ships and zeppelins are fascinating witnesses of a technology-loving time. A love handed down from one generation to the next. In the Loop, testimony to this love has found an extraordinary home on 2,500 square meters of exhibition space.

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