p> Scotty, beam me up!

After watching our little film you definitely want to meet Astroman, C-3PO and the Moon Explorer.

Who knows, you might even meet a couple of aliens. But guaranteed almost everything that romped about, flew, moved and inspired in the children’s rooms after the moon landing.

Off into space.

The year is 1969. In front of the TV-screens, the world is watching the first human stepping on the moon.
The hype that arises from this event should not be long in coming. The topic of "space" entered the world of toys at the speed of light.


Rockets and spaceships, robots and astronauts, but also vehicles with which one could go on exploratory trips on distant planets - even if this trip took place in the sandpit. Of course, aliens should not be missing, as well as UFOs or flying subordinates.

The first man set foot on the moon over half a century ago. An ancient human dream came true. In this euphoria, an imaginative boom developed worldwide in the toy industry.
There is hardly a children’s room in which the topic of “moon landing” did not play a role.

The manufacturers of colorfully lithographed tin toys, especially in Japan, took up the topic enthusiastically and presented a variety of spacecraft, astronauts and space games.

Due to numerous interesting functions, the mostly battery-operated toys were not spared while playing. Only a few have survived the times and are now considered to be coveted collector's items.

In the last few decades, space has been associated with films from the “Star Trek” and “Star Wars” series. Of course, the exhibition also takes up these topics. Models and figures inspire the fans.

Family trip destination, toy museum, a piece of art. The Traumwerk is all of this and more. Step in and explore.