Details in our Model Railway

Regardless of whether you are at Traumwerk for the first time or visit us again and again: We are sure that you will find something new every time you visit.

Of course, it is the trains that our visitors notice first. But there is much more – take a closer look: there is, for example, a wild festival, a daring soap box race, the houseboat on Lake Constance, snow removal in winter, archaeologists looking for the big treasure, motivated tennis players, a fitness studio and a green Golf course, hustle and bustle in our mine and a helicopter landing platform. You already guessed it. With more than 8000 figures, the list could go on and on. That’s why we collect in our “Already discovered?”our discoveries for you! It is worth checking in regularly.


Scouts in the model railroad plant

The first boy scouts are already out and about in our model railroad layout. The passing train doesn’t seem to bother them as they stop at a lake. Have you discovered them yet? They are not that easy to find.

A little tip: look near a train station in Austria.

Tire change

Tire change model railway plant

Under the motto: The next summer is definitely coming – it’s time to change the tires.

This is exactly what happens in a workshop in our model railway system. Have you discovered the scene yet? You can find this detail near the train station in Freilassing.


Already discovered? Modell Railroad plant- UFO

Mit Start unserer neuen Sonderausstellung ist in unserer Modelleisenbahn doch tatsächlich ein UFO gelandet. Mitten in Österreich!

Machen Sie sich bei Ihrem nächsten Besuch auf die Suche nach den Aliens in unserer Modelleisenbahn, leicht zu finden wenn Sie nach einem bekannten See Ausschau halten.

Hollywood Swing

Already discoverd? Porch Swing in the Model Railway

Our couple in the porch swing feels completely unobserved. But far from it! We discovered them. Did you as well?

You can discover this scene in Austria, it is best to start looking for it on your next visit. Another little tip: there is great rocking near the power station in Kaprun.

Border Crossing

The borders are open again and we look forward to welcoming visitors from our neighboring countries.

But where on our model railroad layout is this scene in our picture? It is best to start your search in Switzerland. Then you will quickly discover the border crossing.

Beer garden

The beer gardens have reopened, and the beer table in our model railroad is set in typical Bavarian fashion. Go on a search! As a little tip – do not search in Germany, in Austria you can find the beer garden scene in our model railway world.

Spring Time

Spring is already coming to the model railroad. But where? Look for it. As a little tip: take a particularly close look in Germany.

We are absolutely certain that you will discover something new every time you visit, and we look forward to your discoveries.

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